Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Designers in the Spotlight

I just got an e-mail informing me that a few of the companies I carry, Dose Keeper, Smart Mom Jewelry (also known as Teething Bling), and the Shower Hug, were advertised on the site below. They also had a few other cool products so I wanted to share this with everyone. I don't have the nap sack that's mentioned, but I will be carrying one just like it made by another deisgner very soon, so stay tuned. Don't forget to enter the giveaway below for the tutu by Be Jeweled:)

Speaking of cool products...are there any that I don't carry and you would like to see added to my site? I have lots more products I'm adding, but always like to know about new ones. If you know of anything you think would be a good fit for my store, let me know:)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tutu Giveaway

What little girl doesn't love to play dress-up? Enter to win a chance for a beautiful TuTu by Be Jeweled (value $52). My designer was so lovely as to offer one for this giveaway:) The winner gets to choose which Be Jeweled Tutu (excluding satin and Lavender Blossom). Winner also gets to pick a waist measurement up to 24" and length up to 10". Both my girls each have one and they wear theirs all the time! Miss K picked pink of course (big surprise!) and Miss A picked the Aqua/Mint (and that was a surprise because I though for sure she'd pick the lavender or blue)

A few of my favorite features are:
1. You pick your own color
2. More size choices then just small, medium, and large (love this since Miss A is a "solid" type body build and most dress-up clothes don't fit her:(
3. You pick the length (came in handy for my girls since they are both very long legged)

All you have to do is pop over to my store by clicking HERE and HERE and let me know which tutu by Be Jeweled (they say by Be Jeweled in title) is your favorite. Due to receiving many entries in the past without e-mail addresses you must enter your e-mail address in the post or it will not count. Please enter like this:
info at littlepiddles dot com

No blog required, just a valid e-mail address. Any duplicate entries will be deleted. If you mention this on your blog let me know or sign up for my Newsletter to receive an e-mail for future giveaways you will also recieve an extra entry. If there is something you'd like to see offered as a future giveaway let me know. Giveaway ends April 4th at 11:59pm. I will post winner's name as well as contact them through e-mail. Winner must respond within 4 days of e-mail.

From now till April 13th enter code TUTU during checkout to receive 15% OFF all orders. Remember Mother's Day is only a month and half away!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another Giveaway

If you stop over at An Island Life you can enter to win a chance for a $25 gift certificate to my STORE. Also be sure to stop at An Island Review for a list of the latest contests.

I just uploaded a lot more items tonight. More tutus, dresses, bloomers, plates, and cleaning supplies. I still have lots more products I'll be adding soon, so keep checking back.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Favorite Things

My newest tutu's are made by Be Jeweled . If you have seen my girls in person you know that they are tall girls and standard tutus don't fit them well. The owner of Be Jeweled has solved that problem. For most of them you get to choose not only your waist measurements, but your length as well. My lovely designer has is donating on for a giveaway that will be held around 3/28.

I love my new Ciao Bella products. I used my Vegetable Soap all the time. Since the bar of soap is so generous in size I cut in in half and keep 1/2 in the shower and the other 1/2 my my bathroom sink. Normally I never use bar soap to wash my hands, but this stuff makes my hands feel so good. After I'm done washing I apply my Hand and Body Cream. A few days ago my hands were extremely dry and cut up due to the dryness, well no more. My hands are silky smooth and all healed. I am also a person who washes their hands a lot (I have some OCD issues) so for my hands to be healed this fast is amazing.

Another one of my favorite products is a very genius one invented by a mom. It's the Dose Keeper. It is so cute and tiny, I love it:) I think at some point or another every parent has questioned what time they last gave their child medicine. All you do is put the elastic band around your medicine and it comes with paper and a pencil for yuo to keep track of type of medicine, date, and time. Another invention I'm sure we're all kicking ourselves in the butt saying "I wish I invented that."

Ok let me start off by saying no I am not pregnant, but this is a product that I still use. It's the Bebe Belly Band. It was created for pregnant womens who want to still wear some of their pre-pregnancy close. You wear this band over your unbuttoned jeans and it also allows you to wear your regular tops as well. Are you sitting there wondering why I am using it? I have many tops sitting in my closet that I will not wear because I hate for my mommy rolls to show, take my word it's not a pretty site. When I wear these it just looks like I am wearing a top underneath. It's also a great idea for moms who are nursing. Saves them lots of money not having to buy nursing tops:)

Since Mother's Day will be here before you know it have you checked out the Smart Mom Jewelry. You baby can actually chew on it. My girls are way past that stage, but I wear my Smart Mom Necklace and matching Smart Mom Bangle all the time. The owner of Smart Mom, Amy, will be on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch sometime soon.

If you want me to let you know when I add new products or when I have giveaways going on (see previous post for info on the 2 that are going on now) sign up for my Newsletter.

More Giveaways!

Starting today I have two giveaways on two different blogs going on. One giveaway is on A Frog In My Soup for a $25 gift certificate to my STORE. The second is on Ribbon Rock Star where TWO winners will each get a Dripstik and a pack of Bumpy Name Labels. Both contests are easy to enter, so what are you waiting for get over there. And before you go soon after spring break I'll be hosting a giveaway right here for a chance to win one of my BeJeweled TuTus. Sign up for my Newsletter so you don't miss out. They are so cute! Perfect for dance class, portraits, birthdays, or just having fun playing dress-up. You won't want to miss out on this one! Lots more giveaways coming up!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

It's Party Time!

Welcome to the party, please come in. Can I take your coat for you? When I heard about this Ultimate Blog Party from one of my favorite blogs Blonde Mom Blog you know I had to join in. Of course I am fashionably late as usual. For those of you who know me outside of blogosphere you know I am always late, so you're not surprised at all.

If your new to my blog, then please grab a snack and pull up a seat while I tell you a little about myself. This June my hubby and I will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary. This spring Miss A will be 4 and Miss K will be 6. Miss A is my bad beep. I am convinced that she will grow up to be the champion of the womens UFC division. You laugh, but if you actually know her then you have gotton your butt kicked by her at some point or another. Miss K is my performer. That girl is always, singing, humming, or dancing. Maybe she'll be on American Idol, nah because if she did and Simon was still a judge you know this Mama would be arrested for kicking his butt if he dared to say anything negative about my baby.

Some of my hobbies are spending hours online, scrapbooking (I'm so behind), rubber stamping, and making crafts. Speaking of crafts one of my newest is these cute little butterfly hair clips for my girls (see pic above). Now you know me I'm obsessed with party favors, so for the first 20 people who comment and leave a valid e-mail address in their post I will e-mail you for your mailing address and mail you one in the color of your choice. In your post mention if you like light pink, hot pink, purple, or white. I was thinking of selling them in my STORE, what do you think? I also have a prize on the Ultimate Blog Party for a $25 gift certificate to my STORE. You just need to visit Ultimate Blog Party for rules to enter. Gift certificate entries are not done here, only hair clip party favors. Enjoy the party:)

P.S. My favorite giveaways on 5 Minutes for Mom are #7 Bead Dangle Photo Tile Necklace, #24 Blog Design by Sweet 'n Simple Design, #142 Ballerina Barrette Holder, #45 Blog Design by Summer, and #67 Blog Design by See My Designs. Are you noticing any kind of theme here yet:)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby Shoes Winner...

is blueviolet! Congratulations! For those of you who didn't win or just stopping by today from now till March 31st when you enter code BABYSHOES at checkout you will receive 15% of all orders. If you'd like me to e-mail you of upcoming giveaways please sign up for my Newsletter HERE or post a comment with your e-mail address. I have lots more great giveaways coming up soon so make sure to stop back soon. Some future giveaways will be a gorgeous TuTu, jewelry, Bumpy Name labels, purse, Milk Bands, clothing, pacifiers, etc...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Baby Shoes Giveaway

Check out these adorable shoes I am offering to one lucky winner for this weeks giveaway. These are made from funky and colorful cotton, soft furry fleece fabric, and incredibly soft new leather soles.They are so soft and funky that you'll wish you had a pair as well!

Enter to win a chance for a pair of Blue Country Garden shoes (value $25). The ones I am offering are size 2. My designer was so lovely as to send me a pair to check them out and since my girls are past the baby stage one lucky winner will receive them. They are so cute, trust me I am so jealous!

No blog required, just a valid e-mail address. Any duplicate entries will be deleted. If you mention this on your blog let me know and I'll give you an extra entry. Giveaway ends March 7th 11:59pm. I will post winner's name as well as contact them through e-mail. Winner must respond within 4 days of e-mail. Sign up for my Newsletter to receive an e-mail for future giveaways. If there is something you'd like to see offered as a future giveaway let me know.

From now till March 31st enter code BABYSHOES during checkout to receive 15% of all orders.