Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year's Coupon and My Favorite Things

In the spirit of New Year I'd like to offer you all a coupon for FREE Shipping off orders over $25. Enter code NEWYEARS at checkout to receive discount. Valid till January 4, 2008.

I just added a few more things to the site like matching belts and hair bows. One of my favorite styles is Cheetahlicious especially since so many little girls are into the Cheetah Girls. How cute would the belt and hair bow look with one of their adorable outfits. The best part is that the belts are velcro. They will make potty training so much easier. I added some more items from JP Lizzy. I especially love the JP Lizzy Scarlet Poppies Chamelia Clutch. It's so cute and fun looking. And this is not a new favorite, but man do I love these things, the BumpyName Orbit Labels. I myself have borrowed my daughter's to use on my water bottle while setting up the holiday shop at my daughter's school. Sure glad I did because seemed like all the moms there had a water bottle and like I'd remember what kind I brought it it didn't have my name or shall I say her name on it. I think I'll be buying one for myself. Who says you have to be a kid to use them:)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holidays Are Over

The holidays are over. Our Christmas was good except about 20 minutes before we had company on Christmas Eve my back went out. I was in so much pain. The next morning it got worse. I get so excited every year to watch the girls open their gifts and this year I couldn't get into it as much because of the pain. I took 2 naps which if you know me you know that I never get to take a nap in the day let alone 2 of them. My hubby helps me out any given day, but when I don't feel well he really steps it up. I got to rest until 30 minutes prior to having a house full of people. I didn't have to do much since my mom and mil make the main dish so I just had to throw on a few sides. Then my hubby, mom, and aunt cleaned up. Today my back still hurts, but nothing like the past 2 days so I took it easy all day. So I'm thinking that maybe I should get that x-ray my dr. wanted me to get 1 1/2 years ago when my back went out and he said my spine is a little curved.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Computer Frustration

Why it it everytime you type a long e-mail or post that the computer then decides to not work. Last night I wrote a long blog and of course can't remember half of it now and once I hit to post it, my computer decided to just get rid of it. It's so frustrating. Didn't my computer know that I was making homemade candies for a few hours and just wanted to come down here and relax. No I guess not. Ok enough complaining...

The other night I signed up on cre8Buzz under littlepiddle. My friend sent me the invite the other day so I thought I'd try it out. If you have a cre8Buzz account stop on there and say hi:)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blonde Mom Blog Giveaway

I just came acorrs this blog Blonde Mom Blog and they are havign a giveaway for a free t-shirt from PeaceLoveMom. All you have to do is go to Blonde Mom Blog and tell her which is your favorite shirt for an entry. If you post a link to her blog on your blog she'll entry you twice. Comments will be open until midnight CST Saturday, December 15,2007. You don’t need a blog to enter, but you do need a valid e-mail address. Good luck!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thank You Gifts

I saw this is a magazine a while back and thought they were some unique ideas especially with the holidays approaching.

Magazine subscription for someone who signs for your packages when your not home

Set of coasters or a cheese board and knife for a dinner party

Bake muffins for someone who always picks up milk and eggs for you at the store

Stock house with favorite snacks and some dvds for someone who family or friend who always babysits

Take child for sleepover and get gift certificate for local movie theatre for someone who has your child over for a sleepover

Drive child when possible for someone who carpools your child every week to an activity

Cookbook or wine glasses for someone who offers you them their vacation home for the weekend

Special doggy biscuits for someone who takes care of your dog while your away. If they do it a lot then a gift certificate to a restaurant or take them to dinner.

Return casserole dish with something you cooked when friend makes you dinner when you’re not feeling well

Thursday, December 6, 2007

For Laughs

So I got this e-mail from my friend and knew I had to do this. The website is You plug in your picture and it puts your picture on a dancing elf. It's so funny. If you want to check out my family's go to

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tip of the Week

More holidays are around the corner and you know what that means...leftovers. If your using plastic wrap try this tip and it will make your life so much easier. Store plastic wrap in freezer to make pulling it out a cinch. This is one of my favorite time savers as I make my husband’s lunch 5 days a week for work so this saves me lots of agrivation…lol!

Almost Done Shopping

Dare I say it I'm almost done my Christmas shopping. I have my girls done, my nieces and nephews, and some of the parents done. I only have a handful of gifts left to buy. Don't worry I'm not that ahead of myself. Every year I give out handmade chocolates. I make them about 1-1/2 weeks before Christmas and they take what seems like forever. Over the years I have learned some short cuts to save time, but in the end it's still takes a lot of time. So see I need to be done my shopping early cause I'll be all wrapped up in chocolate in another week. Such a hard job, but someones got to do it:) Not that I'm an expert, but if you're looking to make your own chocolate covered pretzels or want to make my yummy peanut butter balls let me know and I'll share my secrets! Trust me if there's a short cut I've found it:)

Friday, November 30, 2007

JP Lizzy Sale

Starting today JP Lizzy is offering a fantastic discount that I will be extending to all of my customers. On all diaper totes from their "Core Collection", you will receive a FREE coordinating JP Lizzy Classic purse ($42 retail value). The styles included are Chocolate Ice Classic Tote, Strawberry Truffle Classic Tote, Mocha Mint Classic Tote and Tiffany in Pink Classic Tote. And to top it off the sale is good all month long. So get your list together and start shopping. You can get it for yourself, give the set as a gift, or keep part for you. All 4 sets are super cute. I personally have the Strawberry Truffle purse and love it!

If you order before December 14th you will receive it by Christmas.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Picture Time

Here is our holiday family portrait. We went Saturday to have our portraits done and although the girls behaved they were restless by the time we got in the studio. We had to wait 40 minutes so Ashley's pic and the one of the 2 girls together came out so so as. I really liked our family one except it looks like Kayla's chewing gum and she wasn't, darn spit bubble:) So tomorrow morning the picture place said I could come back for a retake and do an even exchange which I thought was very nice. I never complained before and was really nice when I called, but just wasn't as happy as usual. The morning should be interesting getting us all ready and there when they open and then Kayla has school in the afternoon. Wish me luck, because I'm sure I'm going to need!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tip of the Week

Trying to eliminate toy clutter? Take all the toys you know your child hasn’t played with for a long time and put them in a pile. Allow your child to select 6 of those toys to keep. Also take your child with you when you donate the other toys and explain how less fortunate children will love their new toys. I did this with both my kids and even have cousins and friends come over and take toys home. Since I started this at a young age, they never cried about giving their toys away. Now when I want to get rid of old toys my girls actually help me. They also know that they need to make room for new toys for Christmas so they are more than happy to help:)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday Sale

Granted I went to sleep last night at 1:30am, but I sleep till 9:30am so why am I still so tired. I'm blaming it on all the yummy turkey I had yesterday. I'm a plain Jane kind of eater and all I ate was turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes, and biscuits, but let me tell you it was oh so good. I had to eat only a little bit because the dessert were what I was really waiting for. My mom only makes her famous chocolate chip cookies around this time of year. They are so good in fact that they are a required thing she has to make for holiday parties because everyone looks forward to them with a tall glass of milk of course.

So I got to thinking yesterday about how tons of people were going to set their alarms bright and early today to get all the deals at the stores. I have two kids so I was home in bed while my mom was out with my nicely organized list and my print out of pictures marked with coordinating numberes to the list. Hey if she's going to do me a favor the least I can do is make it as easy as possible for her. So then I thought I should offer a deal so I created a coupon code for $10 OFF any purchase over $50. I'm not going to make you decide on your holiday list in a few hours you have till November 30th to place you order. If you'd like to take advantage of this offer enter code BLACKFRIDAY during checkout.

I hope you had a Safe and Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tip of the Week

From the time your child starts solids till they reach a certain age and can do it themselves you spend so much time cutting their food into little pieces. Save time by using a pizza cutter to cut everything from chicken stripes to pancakes. You can even find platic ones that you rock back and forth and let your child do it. I found one at Walmart a few years ago for I htink around $2. It makes life so much easier!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Santa Break Through

So my youngest daughter, Ashley up until today has not been a fan of Santa Claus. Actually she doesn't like anyone dressed in character costumes and isn't a big fan of strangers in general. Normally when we're out if I'm talking to a stranger she'll be the one to tell me to stop since we aren't suppossed to talk to strangers. Ok back to Santa, we had a major break through today. We were at a craft show and Santa was there so I told the girls they could go up and say hi if they wanted. Kayla of course ran up right away to give him a hug. Then when she stepped back Ashley ran up bumping into her sister to get her out of her way ran up to him and hugged him, what where did that come from. Then the girls had a chance to sit on his lap for pics and Ashley was all smiles. Ok so the past few years me and my hubby have had to get in the Santa pics with the girls to get Ashley to not run away from him and now he's her bff. What a difference a year makes. Thank goodness I had my camera cause it was such a milestone for my little peanut;)

Friday, November 9, 2007

JP Lizzy Sale

Th sales start now. Time to make your list, and check it twice, cause Little Piddles is offering a great price! Select JP Lizzy purses are now on sale for $30 (regularly $42). Plus if you enter code JPLIZZY you'll receive free shipping! Why go out in this cold weather and fight the crowds when you can sit at home in your pjs and do your shopping.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tip of the Week

Who wants to spend more time than you have to at the foodstore especially with kids. You can get layout card from Courtesy Desk and make a master list of what you normally buy by the order or the isles. I keep a business card size laminated in my purse just in case I forgot my list. I can stock my shopping cart all the way filled with 2 kids and be in the car in 1 hour. I also take some snacks with me to keep the kids from trying to open all the boxes of goodies while we're there. Another way to keep kids ocupied is cut out pictures from old coupons of items you need and give each child a list of their own. That way if they¡¦re helping the trip can go that much faster.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Finally Friday

Ah it's Friday which means I get to sleep in as late as I want tomorrow or shall I say as late as my kids will let! This week has been non stop busy. We had our Halloween party at our house, then both girls had one at school, then trick-or-treating, then Kayla's dance recital was this week on top of all that. All the kids did such a great job and they all had so much fun. And of course I volunteered to be a back stage parent which meant more craziness. Why I add more to my life is beyond!

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Almost My Birthday!

In less than an hour it will be my 30th Birthday!!!!! I know a lot of women get bummed about turning 30, but I'm actually excited. Tomorrow we're having our annual costume party. Two years ago I wanted to start it since I always had costume parties growing up I knew my girls would love it too. Plus it's another reason to have another party:) It's so cute to see all the little cousins and friends dressed up. Geez I guess my last costume party was 6th grade I think, so it'll be fun to have the girls party tomorrow. I get to relive my birthday memories through them. Since Mike (my hubby) turns 40 next month, we decided to throw ourselves a no kids allowed b'day bash. I feel like I'm throwing a party with my mom out of town. We don't go anywhere without the kids, let alone throw ourselves a party. Needless to say the girls will be spending the night at Grandma's that night:)It's Almost My Birthday, Nah Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah!!!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Monogrammed Items

The other night I added a bunch of monogrammed items. So far I have added diaper covers, bottle wraps, aprons,purses, canvas totes, and koozies. Keep checking back since I will be adding more items such as monogrammed clothing, hair ties, tooth fairy pillows, bibs, burp cloths, etc... Now's the time to start making your holiday list. All monogrammed items take 2-3 weeks to be produced and 1 week shipping time so you need to order in the next few weeks if it is a holiday gift. Also keep in mind that on most items you get to pick the ribbon and thread colors to make it even more unique.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just Arrived!

I have so many great things I'll be adding this week to the site. Since yesterday I added Inch Bug Labels, Binky Buddy, Acting Out Light-Up Clippies, and Gift Sets by Gotcha Covered. I have Inch Bug Labels for both my girls so there is no more fighting over colored cups. Now they can both have the same color cup and if the other one's label is on it, too! The Binky Buddy I so wish I had for my girl's since they loved to see how many times I would pick up their binky they spit out. My girls of course have the Acting Out Light-Up Clippies and they wear them all the time with heir Acting Out Musical Dresses. My girls are years past the baby stage, but the Gotcha Covered Gift Sets make such a sweet present. I'll definalty be giving them for future baby shower gifts. I'll be adding more patterns soon. All of these products are on my Home Page if you want to take a peek.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Favorite Things

I love, love, love my new Classic Mommy necklace (found in Mom's category under Jewelry). I bought a bunch of low neck tops a few weeks ago and it is the perfect accent piece. I have been getting so many compliments. Women have stopped me in stores asking me about it.

For those of you who know me, will not be surprised by my next favorite accessories (found in Baby and Girls category under Hair Accessories). My girls only have 2 organizers with 3 drawers each and 2 ribbon holders...hmm you think I'm a little hair accesssory! I like to have one to match every outfit. Hey it's never too early to teach girls to! There are 70 styles to choice from and most come in a variety of colors. Now you can see how easily it is for my girls collection to grow, it's too hard for me to not want to buy all of them:)

My New Favorite Things

A couple of weeks ago I ordered one of my Classic Mommy Necklaces and boy do I love it. This year I bought new clothes and they all have a low neck line so of course I'd need to wear a necklace. This is perfect. I was able to get two discs with each of the girls name and I am always getting complements when I am out. (Necklaces can be found in Mom category under Jewelry)

I just ordered some Milk Bands and although my girls are well past the breastfeeding stage I love this invention. There were so many times I would nurse my girls and would have to think which side I nursed last. These bands now only help you keep track of what side you nursed on, but the time you nursed. Talk about making it even easier for nursing moms. (Milk Bands can be found in Baby category under Nursing)

Ok so for those of you who know me my next favorite item is no surprise. I love my hair accessories. I am a hair accessory obsessed mom, ok I admit it. I have 2 organizers with 3 drawers each and 2 ribbon holders for all the ones you can clip on. I would say I have hundreds for the girls:) Kayla takes dance so of course I had to order the ballet shoes one. It look so cute with her dance costume. I also have several alligator clips ones cause I attach them to the side of their head or attach them to a headband for another look. If you have girls, you must check them out. (Hair Accessories can be found in Baby and Girls category under Hair Accessories)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tip of the Week

Are you a parent and have questions? Do you feel like no ones knows what you are going through? Check out sites like They have bulletin boards for everything you can imagine. I have put my mind to ease many times by getting advice and tips from other parents.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Apples Anyone...

So today was my youngest daughter, Ashley's, first class trip. I'm still having a hard time believing she's even in preschool since she's my baby. We went apple picking and she had a blast. Of course she picked a ton so now I need to figure out things to make with them. Any one have any good recipes, for warning I am not a good cook unless you want a good grill chesse that is my speciality:) I was thinking maybe I'll make applesauce or attempt an apple pie, who knows. Easy recipes welcome:)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Zach's Run/Kid's Show

We had a busy weekend. Sunday my oldest daughter, Kayla, and I went to walk in Zach's Run. Zach is Kayla's best friend or as she refers to him as the "boy she will marry". Oh yeah she tells me all about the beautiful white dress she is going to wear and how he is going to wear a black suit, the whole 9 yards. At age 3 Zach was diagnosed which Hunter Syndrome which you can learn more about on his website His parents started the organization Making Precious Strides to raise money for research and last year they started the Run/Walk to help raise money. We did it last year and had a great time. Kayla was so excited to see Zach on Sunday since his family moved September 1st 8 hours away she has been missing him terribly, yes Cheryl I am mentioning that in case you read! Just kidding it was great to see you all and can't wait till your in town next.

So later that day I had a Kids Show convention. Oh the adorable stuff they had. I wanted to buy it all! Of course I don't have millions of dollars so that didn't happen. I will be having some new stuff on the website soon like rhinestone 3/4 sleeve shirts that say things like "Preschool Rocks, and Kindergarten Rocks", of course I had to buy one of each for my daughter's, you know to make sure they are ok to sell to! Kayla especially has a passsion for fashion as the Bratz dolls say so she is going to flip when her new shirt comes in. I was tempted to take her to the show since she has such good style, but new it would result in costing me way to much money so I deicded to leave her home. Check my site out in the next week or two to see all the cool new stuff that will be added!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

My favorite things at the moment...

So I just started selling Dripstiks about two weeks ago. I love them! One end holds a popsicle and the other end holds an ice cream cone. It has a little rim so all the drippings go into the rim and not on your child. They are on my website under Baby, then Accessories. I took my daughters to get ice cream last week and they both used their Dripstik and I was the one who made the mess. My yummy chocolate coating kept falling off. And not a drop on them, hmmm guess I'm be using a Dripstik myself next time:) So I gave a few out to family and friends cause I knew they would love them too and everyone has been calling me raving abut them.

Another one of my favorite items is for the women out there and it's called Mommy Makeup (under the Moms category). Applying makeup has never been so easy. It takes me maybe about a minute and a half to do my whole face. I love that it looks natural and feels natural. Goodbye cake face! Last night I went out and my cousin told me my face looked luminous.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Costume Shopping

I find myself saying this ever year, but I can't believe the holidays are just around the corner. I mean Halloween is just a little over a month away. So the costume shopping has started. Both my girls decided they wanted to be Daphne from Scooby Doo. Of course they don't choose a costume you can find at every single store. So after searching online and taking them to several stores as luck would have it I found it at Target and I found both their sizes. My youngest was at school, so when I picked her up I told her I finally found her costume and guess what...she wants to be Dora. Are you kidding me?! So needless to say I'll be returning her costume and getting her Dora. Even though the Dora costume is boring, I mean $30 for that, I'm kind of glad she changed her mind cause I want the girls to be something different.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tip of the Week

A few weeks ago on my website I created a tip of the week, so I thought I'd post them here as well. So if you haven't seen the past few weeks tips I listed them below.

Tired of going to the beach and dragging all the sand in your car when you leave? Sprinkle your feet with a little bit of baby powder and the sand brushes right off. Mom tested, mom approved!

Problem: Your kids want popsicles all day out in this heat, but you don’t want them to have all that sugar. Solution: Poor yogurt into popsicle containers and freeze them. To make them more fun add food coloring to tint the yogurt and do layers.

Do you have a child in an outdoor sport and another who’s bored when you go to the games? Fill a clear plastic container with sand and play toys to keep kids occupied while at outdoor games.

Your going to have unexpected company come over for dinner and don’t have time to clean the house. Drizzle a few drops of orange-scented Pine-Sol on a clean cloth and hide it in a bookcase. It’ll give the room that just-been scrubbed smell minus the work.

School is going to start before you know it. A great way for your child to brush up a little before school is by going on sites like">">
Of course all their hard work needs to be rewarded with some fun stuff like coloring pages from">

If your shopping for clothes and don’t have time to wait in line ask the salesperson who was helping you to put your items on hold so you can pick them up later. Another idea is try everything on and order them online when you get home. Shopping during the week and in the morning also helps beat the rush.

Don’t forget Grandparent’s Day is on the September 9th. Do you want to find a cute way to make a card that you can get your kids involved in? Print out a picture of your kids and glue it to a piece of cardstock. Then on the cardstock side your kids can write a personalized message. That way it’s a 2-1, picture of your kids, but also a card. If you do 4x6 they can easily store it in a photo album so they can look at it for years to come.

Do you take a lot of pictures and want to share with family and friends? A great way for them to feel like they live close by is to upload your digital pictures to a place like www.winkflash.come so they can view your pictures and order copies for themselves.

No matter how many times you tell you child to stop playing with their gum they still do it. And surprise surprise they get it in their hair. Put peanut butter in their hair and it will help loosen the gum up, then shampoo as usual. I used to do this all the time as a kid so it was no surprise when my daughter did it. And that trick still works, plus conditions your hair a little
*NOTE Do not use if your child has a peanut allergy*

Are you nervous about using cleaning chemical around your kids? Mix 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water in a spray bottle. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and great for streak free windows. WARNING-May make you crave a saladJ

School has started and your child is bringing home tons of artwork. You don’t want to throw it out, but you also don’t have room to store it all. Here are two solutions for you. 1. Scan each picture on your computer so you’ll have a digital file for each one. 2. Video tape each one and have you or your child talk a little about it on tape.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Getting Started

So I thought I would give this blog thing that everyone is raving about a try. Seems like everyone has a blog these days. I know I am intrigued when I see sites that have blogs and like getting to know them better so I thought maybe someone would want to know more about me...or maybe!