Sunday, November 11, 2007

Santa Break Through

So my youngest daughter, Ashley up until today has not been a fan of Santa Claus. Actually she doesn't like anyone dressed in character costumes and isn't a big fan of strangers in general. Normally when we're out if I'm talking to a stranger she'll be the one to tell me to stop since we aren't suppossed to talk to strangers. Ok back to Santa, we had a major break through today. We were at a craft show and Santa was there so I told the girls they could go up and say hi if they wanted. Kayla of course ran up right away to give him a hug. Then when she stepped back Ashley ran up bumping into her sister to get her out of her way ran up to him and hugged him, what where did that come from. Then the girls had a chance to sit on his lap for pics and Ashley was all smiles. Ok so the past few years me and my hubby have had to get in the Santa pics with the girls to get Ashley to not run away from him and now he's her bff. What a difference a year makes. Thank goodness I had my camera cause it was such a milestone for my little peanut;)

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