Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tip of the Week

From the time your child starts solids till they reach a certain age and can do it themselves you spend so much time cutting their food into little pieces. Save time by using a pizza cutter to cut everything from chicken stripes to pancakes. You can even find platic ones that you rock back and forth and let your child do it. I found one at Walmart a few years ago for I htink around $2. It makes life so much easier!


Blake & Andrea said...

I am responding to a comment you left on my blog! For my daughters first birthday I am going to do a butterfly cake and then decorate with pink balloons and white snowflakes all over the house! the kids are going to make there own snowflakes and snowmen before dinner and then we'll do cake and presents! I wanted to have snow brought in to my backyard but it's too costly! hope it helps

Little Piddles said...

I love a butterfly theme and snowflakes. For my older daughter's 1st b'day we did a garden theme and it was so much fun. Have you seen the butterfly molds they sell at Bed Bath & Beyond where it's like cupcakes that are broken apart for you already, very cute if you decide to make your own? Since you want snow what about fake snow? I bet that would still be fun, just not sure how clean up would go. Bookmark that birthday partyideas.com site cause trust me it'll really come in handy for future b'days. I have referred to it for both my girls parties for everything from invite ideas, to decor, and favors. I even use it when I design other people's invites. I hope your daughter has a wonderful first birthday!