Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Almost Done Shopping

Dare I say it I'm almost done my Christmas shopping. I have my girls done, my nieces and nephews, and some of the parents done. I only have a handful of gifts left to buy. Don't worry I'm not that ahead of myself. Every year I give out handmade chocolates. I make them about 1-1/2 weeks before Christmas and they take what seems like forever. Over the years I have learned some short cuts to save time, but in the end it's still takes a lot of time. So see I need to be done my shopping early cause I'll be all wrapped up in chocolate in another week. Such a hard job, but someones got to do it:) Not that I'm an expert, but if you're looking to make your own chocolate covered pretzels or want to make my yummy peanut butter balls let me know and I'll share my secrets! Trust me if there's a short cut I've found it:)


ginabad said...

Ugh, I haven't even started shopping yet! My sister won't give me an answer whether or not she's coming. So now I think I'll just back out and do something else, and focus on those gifts. Last minute stuff make the holidays too hard - I can't seem to enjoy spontanaity since I had kids! (Or remember how to spell, apparently.)
gina b

Little Piddles said...

Gina-I know what you mean. Today I just finsihed all my shopping except I have 2 people left to buy for. I got them each one little thing already, but have no idea what else to get them. It's so much easier and funner when you have an idea of what to get them at least. Have a great holiday!