Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thank You Gifts

I saw this is a magazine a while back and thought they were some unique ideas especially with the holidays approaching.

Magazine subscription for someone who signs for your packages when your not home

Set of coasters or a cheese board and knife for a dinner party

Bake muffins for someone who always picks up milk and eggs for you at the store

Stock house with favorite snacks and some dvds for someone who family or friend who always babysits

Take child for sleepover and get gift certificate for local movie theatre for someone who has your child over for a sleepover

Drive child when possible for someone who carpools your child every week to an activity

Cookbook or wine glasses for someone who offers you them their vacation home for the weekend

Special doggy biscuits for someone who takes care of your dog while your away. If they do it a lot then a gift certificate to a restaurant or take them to dinner.

Return casserole dish with something you cooked when friend makes you dinner when you’re not feeling well


Veronica said...

They are great ideas. Much more original that normal gifts.

Little Piddles said...

Thanks! I got it from one of the paretning ideas. Even though some are more gifts for anytime of the year they were good to share.