Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just Arrived!

I have so many great things I'll be adding this week to the site. Since yesterday I added Inch Bug Labels, Binky Buddy, Acting Out Light-Up Clippies, and Gift Sets by Gotcha Covered. I have Inch Bug Labels for both my girls so there is no more fighting over colored cups. Now they can both have the same color cup and if the other one's label is on it, too! The Binky Buddy I so wish I had for my girl's since they loved to see how many times I would pick up their binky they spit out. My girls of course have the Acting Out Light-Up Clippies and they wear them all the time with heir Acting Out Musical Dresses. My girls are years past the baby stage, but the Gotcha Covered Gift Sets make such a sweet present. I'll definalty be giving them for future baby shower gifts. I'll be adding more patterns soon. All of these products are on my Home Page if you want to take a peek.

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