Saturday, October 13, 2007

My New Favorite Things

A couple of weeks ago I ordered one of my Classic Mommy Necklaces and boy do I love it. This year I bought new clothes and they all have a low neck line so of course I'd need to wear a necklace. This is perfect. I was able to get two discs with each of the girls name and I am always getting complements when I am out. (Necklaces can be found in Mom category under Jewelry)

I just ordered some Milk Bands and although my girls are well past the breastfeeding stage I love this invention. There were so many times I would nurse my girls and would have to think which side I nursed last. These bands now only help you keep track of what side you nursed on, but the time you nursed. Talk about making it even easier for nursing moms. (Milk Bands can be found in Baby category under Nursing)

Ok so for those of you who know me my next favorite item is no surprise. I love my hair accessories. I am a hair accessory obsessed mom, ok I admit it. I have 2 organizers with 3 drawers each and 2 ribbon holders for all the ones you can clip on. I would say I have hundreds for the girls:) Kayla takes dance so of course I had to order the ballet shoes one. It look so cute with her dance costume. I also have several alligator clips ones cause I attach them to the side of their head or attach them to a headband for another look. If you have girls, you must check them out. (Hair Accessories can be found in Baby and Girls category under Hair Accessories)

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