Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Zach's Run/Kid's Show

We had a busy weekend. Sunday my oldest daughter, Kayla, and I went to walk in Zach's Run. Zach is Kayla's best friend or as she refers to him as the "boy she will marry". Oh yeah she tells me all about the beautiful white dress she is going to wear and how he is going to wear a black suit, the whole 9 yards. At age 3 Zach was diagnosed which Hunter Syndrome which you can learn more about on his website His parents started the organization Making Precious Strides to raise money for research and last year they started the Run/Walk to help raise money. We did it last year and had a great time. Kayla was so excited to see Zach on Sunday since his family moved September 1st 8 hours away she has been missing him terribly, yes Cheryl I am mentioning that in case you read! Just kidding it was great to see you all and can't wait till your in town next.

So later that day I had a Kids Show convention. Oh the adorable stuff they had. I wanted to buy it all! Of course I don't have millions of dollars so that didn't happen. I will be having some new stuff on the website soon like rhinestone 3/4 sleeve shirts that say things like "Preschool Rocks, and Kindergarten Rocks", of course I had to buy one of each for my daughter's, you know to make sure they are ok to sell to! Kayla especially has a passsion for fashion as the Bratz dolls say so she is going to flip when her new shirt comes in. I was tempted to take her to the show since she has such good style, but new it would result in costing me way to much money so I deicded to leave her home. Check my site out in the next week or two to see all the cool new stuff that will be added!

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