Saturday, September 29, 2007

My favorite things at the moment...

So I just started selling Dripstiks about two weeks ago. I love them! One end holds a popsicle and the other end holds an ice cream cone. It has a little rim so all the drippings go into the rim and not on your child. They are on my website under Baby, then Accessories. I took my daughters to get ice cream last week and they both used their Dripstik and I was the one who made the mess. My yummy chocolate coating kept falling off. And not a drop on them, hmmm guess I'm be using a Dripstik myself next time:) So I gave a few out to family and friends cause I knew they would love them too and everyone has been calling me raving abut them.

Another one of my favorite items is for the women out there and it's called Mommy Makeup (under the Moms category). Applying makeup has never been so easy. It takes me maybe about a minute and a half to do my whole face. I love that it looks natural and feels natural. Goodbye cake face! Last night I went out and my cousin told me my face looked luminous.

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