Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is My Child Speech Delayed?

Want read the rest of what I went through with my 6 year old? Check out my article I posted on Chrysanthemoms. If you think your child may be speech delayed please read this article. It's about the steps I took to get my daughter the help she needed.

*NOTE* Something I forgot to mention in my article is that not all kids will outgrow their speech delay. Depending on what their delay is (ex. stuttering) it can get worse as they get older.

Also here are a few tips that we found very helpful.

Have him blow bubbles or through a little plastic kazoo. This helps strengthening his mouth muscles.

Use flash cards and make games out of them. Say if you have a pic of a balloon, cat, and person you can ask him which one flies in the sky?

Both are more play to him, but actually he's learning and practicing his sounds.

Don't make him repeat things over and over. If my daughter says something not clear I will repeat it slowly (I found that some sounds when I talk fast sound similar to her) and then ask her to say it again. If it's still not clear I will say it again, but then drop it. Asking them to do it over an over frustrates them.

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