Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walking to School by Eve Bunting

I just got a copy of this book a few weeks ago called Walking to School that was written by Eve Bunting who has hundreds and hundreds of books published. On the cover is my sister-in-law Mrs. S and my niece Miss M. They are featured throughout the book especially Miss M. The illustrator was looking for a very Irish looking girl and who better then Miss M with her beautiful red hair and freckles. Miss M had to go to the illustrator's house (he lived near them) over the course of 4 months so he could take pictures of her to do the oil paintings. For those who know Miss M you'll notice she's younger in this book. These pictures were taken 4 years ago and the book was just released last month.

Needless to say Miss K and Miss A think it's so cool that their aunt and cousin are in a book!

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