Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Favorites

I know you may be wondering what you could use your ANNIVERSARY08 coupon code (expires 7/18/08) to save 15% off for. So I thought why not share some of my favorite things. Some are old favorites and some are new.

1. Hair Clips by Little Piddles - Ok so I created them so I'm a little biased:)
2. Medical Alert Bracelets - As a person with food allergies I love these especially for kids and elderly.
3. Name Labels - Wouldn't you love anything that prevented your kids from fighting over who got to use a pink cup that day.
4. Dripstiks - No mess, need I say more.
5. Ciao Bella Body Care - My skin feel so good. This time of year my skin normally is so dried out from the pool, but no more thanks to Ciao Bella.
6. Corn Bag Critter - I use it for my sore back and leg. My personal fav is Bella the Dog
7. FlowerPal Magnet - Teaches kid to put their hand on the magnet after getting out of the car. If you know me you know I'm all about safety.
8. All the books I carry - Finally something different then the same old same old you find everywhere else
9. Jewelry - Ok so I singled out Medical Alert Bracelets before, but I love all my jewelry. Have you seen the cute earrings? I of course have several pairs:)
10. Lakeview Storage Chest - I love that after the kids get too big for a toy chest they can use it as a chest at the end of their beds.

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