Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Time Savers

So with all the holiday madness why not save a little time when we can. I put a few times saving tips below that might come in handy.

Not enough time to clean:
Drizzle a few drops of orange-scented Pine-Sol on a clean cloth and hide it in a bookcase. It’ll give the room that just-been scrubbed smell minus the work.

Way to share your holiday photos:
Do you take a lot of pictures and want to share with family and friends? A great way for them to feel like they live close by is to upload your digital pictures to a place like www.winkflash.come so they can view your pictures and order copies for themselves.

Craft to do while the kids are on vacation:
Tired of all those broken crayons? Instead of throwing them in the trash re-use them. First heat oven to 250 degrees (oven temperature may vary). Fill a mini muffin pan ½ way with broken crayons and bake until crayons appear to be completely melted. Allow to cool completely BEFORE removing from pan. Crayons should easily pop out when the bottom of pan is tapped. Experiment with color combinations! Also look for fun shape molds like hearts, they make great Valentine’s gifts for friends at school.

Need to make room for new toys:
Trying to eliminate toy clutter? Take all the toys you know your child hasn’t played with for a long time and put them in a pile. Allow your child to select 6 of those toys to keep. Also take your child with you when you donate the other toys and explain how less fortunate children will love their new toys. I did this with both my kids and even have cousins and friends come over and take toys home. Since I started this at a young age, they never cried about giving their toys away. Now when I want to get rid of old toys my girls actually jelp me. They also know that they need to make room foo new toys for Christmas so they are more than happy to help:)

Don't want to fight with the plastic wrap to cover left overs anymore:
Store plastic wrap in freezer to make pulling it out a cinch. This is one of my favorite time savers as I make my husband’s lunch 5 days a week for work so this saves me lots of agrivation…lol!

Extra potatoes from your holiday dinner:
Cut them in half and cut shapes out with cookie cutters. Your child can use fabric pant and decorate a custom shirt for themself. Great activity to do when your child is home from scool on vacation the next few days.

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