Monday, January 7, 2008

Gotta Love Post Holiday Sales

Santa got Miss A the Fisher Price Easy Link for Christmas. Santa got it on sale for $25 vs. regular price of $30. Yesterday I was at Target (my favorite store) and they were on clearance for $12.79. I thought it was worth regular price, but $12.79 what a steal. Of course they get you because you have to buy extra characters in order to play those games, but still it's worth it. You'd pay that for a computer game anyways and this thing puts them on a kid Internet. It has learning, games, and coloring pages. Miss A played on it for an hour till Miss K got home from school and she's been playing with it for about 1 1/2 hours. I made dinner, yes for those of you who really know me don't fall out of your chair (by the way it was yummy) and am down here chatting before I take out the dessert I made earlier (please get off of the floor, this is the new Jennifer, the trying to follow her New Year's resolution Jennifer, ah who am I!) Just thought I'd share this steal I saw in case you have a Target near by it's worth checking it out. The had lots of toys on sale for 30% and up.


lovelymom said...

Hi, I am new to blogger and I am interested in finding new products for my toddler and I came across your blog :) I also wanted to share what a product that I thought was useful and fun. Have you ever heard of My First Shades? They are sunglasses for kids that gives them 100% UV protection. I never really though about giving my child sunglasses, but then I realized that if I needed them why wouldn't they, yanno? They come in so many fun colors too. Just thought I'd share a fun product that me and my child enjoyed :)

Little Piddles said...

Thanks for popping by. I'll have to check them out. My girls' love to wear sunglasses. Actually my 5 year old even wears them around the house, she's a bit of a fashion diva so maybe that's why.