Friday, January 18, 2008

New Arrivals

I just added a bunch of new clothes to my website and will be adding more items very soon. Finally clothing that says everything you want to say like "Wash Your Hands First" and "Look But Don't Touch." I wish I had the Mommy version after I had my girls that say things like "MYOB (Mind Your Own Baby)", you know especially when you are out at the mall and your little one is crying and you get those looks from by standers that feel the need to offer their 2 cents. If you have twins have I got the tees for your kids. I have 11 designs to choose from and one design for a set of triplets and they are all gender neutral. Keep checking back to see new items like clothes, hair ties (what can I say I'm hair accessory obsessed), jewelry, baby accessories, and more.


MamaWise said...

Oh, how exciting to see the Wordsies wear on your site! I am so glad you like it!

Little Piddles said...

Yes, I too am very excited. Thanks for posting such a great review about them on your site:)